Fourth Post

Introduction to Blender

After some talks with my independent advisor, we concluded that the best action to take was to learn how to CAD in Blender. This App is way more complicated than Onshape, however, it provides me with different tools and mechanisms that improve my design. After a little bit more experience with this application, I hope to create a realistic model of a building that will include the use of color and lighting to improve the appearance of the building.

Third Post

After knowing how to convert 2d objects into 3d ones, I wanted to create a building I had seen in real life to have a well-established rubric and guide that I had to follow. I decided to design the Greensboro coliseum as I had gone there for a concert a couple of weeks ago. Due to the set dimensions of the building, I had to make sure each and every single line was measured correctly. After that tedious process, I extruded(added) it and the once 2d shape came to life. After this, the next step was creating the different floors of the stadium. However, this process needed different functions and also the use of sketches and planes in different sections of the building. I was unable to create the second floor, but I was finally able to create a different plane on the right side of the building and extrude(remove) a piece of the wall which is a step in the right direction for next time.

Second Post

This week I have further expanded my knowledge of Onshape. For example, I have learned how to add different shapes and new functions that make the different sketches more aesthetically pleasing. The model of the car was mainly lining up the circles and building construction lines. These construction lines dictate the spacing of all the variables such as the wheels and the rim. Making the rims of the Truck took a while as I used the construction lines, dimensions, and also the button that mirrors different variables in able to obtain the correct spacing. For the bottom skecth, I used the same principles, but in the end, I extruded the object in order to make it 3d.

Learning how to extrude

First post

These several weeks I have been working on the basics of OnShape and I have been doing some readings on how some designs can affect Human Behavioral. I have spent most of my time looking at videos to learn the basics and the fundamental parts of Onshape. I feel like this stage of learning how to design using a new software is a very challenging one and also a very important one. I have used other CADing software like Tinkercad before. However, OnShape is just on another level as it’s not only basically learning a new language but also gets into more specific details than Tinker Cad. I know it’s essential to learn well all the mechanics of the software in order to easily succeed in the upcoming months as it will be the foundation of this learning experience which I will build upon.

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