Third Post

After knowing how to convert 2d objects into 3d ones, I wanted to create a building I had seen in real life to have a well-established rubric and guide that I had to follow. I decided to design the Greensboro coliseum as I had gone there for a concert a couple of weeks ago. Due to the set dimensions of the building, I had to make sure each and every single line was measured correctly. After that tedious process, I extruded(added) it and the once 2d shape came to life. After this, the next step was creating the different floors of the stadium. However, this process needed different functions and also the use of sketches and planes in different sections of the building. I was unable to create the second floor, but I was finally able to create a different plane on the right side of the building and extrude(remove) a piece of the wall which is a step in the right direction for next time.

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